bottomlandsBetween the Bottomlands and the World >

2012-2015, on globalization in rural spaces

Siting ExpositionsGlobal Cities, Model Worlds >

2011, spatializing mega-events

experimentsthumbExperiments of Struggle >

2010, stories of beginning, intergenerational engagement and struggle

sitingexposthumbSiting Expositions >

2010, two mega-events shape shift a creek

touring olympiaA Slightly Softer City >

2009, soft spots for the city of Kuopio

touring olympiaInAction>

2008, the practice of doing nothing

touring olympiaArchitectures for a Comfort Class >

2008, architectonic futures of plush surfaces and luxury design materials

touring olympiaTouring Olympia >

2008, on the sport of taking up space

living in almost placesLiving in Almost Places >

2007, an archive on neighborhood entrance signs

Territorial ImaginationsTerritorial Imaginations >

2007, notes on imagining place

Territorial ImaginationsThe Great Disassembly Tour of 2008 >

2007, tourist attractions for a post 2008 world

Public Billboard and bus signage project Less Foreign Than Alien >

2006, bus ad for Baltimore MTA

PDA: Public Displays of Affection PDA >

2006, collaborative performance project in Chicago's Lurie Garden

Archisuit thumbnail, on a bench in downtown Los Angeles Archisuits >

2005-2006, exercise suits for the exclusionary urban environment

Testing Resistance Testing Resistance >

2005-2006, performative photographs that test the limit of street funiture

Real Estates/Rub My Back Real Estates/Rub My Back! >

2005, storefront political gesturing service

Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions >

2004, posters for DIY sex and self-defense tools

f-scaleF-Scale: One of Several Moments >

2004, 4 channel video exploring ideas of political agency

Postcard to Mr. Bill Frist Postcard to Mr. Bill Frist >

2004, notes to a misguided US Senator

Studies in Editing >

2003, edited photographs of waste and a fabric recovery service